Health Care Improvements Underway
in Provinces and Territories


Building strong health care services now, and in the future, is a top priority for Canada’s Premiers.

Provinces and territories are taking significant action to innovate and improve health services based on unique needs and circumstances in their respective jurisdictions. This includes a wide range of priority areas, such as health human resources, wait times, long-term care, home care, mental health and substance use, pharmaceuticals, primary care, and digital and physical infrastructure.

See below for some of the health system improvements in each province and territory. This information will be updated periodically as provincial and territorial plans evolve.

As substantial investments are being made by provinces and territories, a true federal funding partnership through the Canada Health Transfer is needed to support, accelerate and broaden the implementation of their ongoing work in response to unprecedented challenges. By increasing the federal share from 22% to 35% – and by maintaining this level over time – the federal government can address the declining federal share of provincial and territorial health care costs and play a critical role in supporting real and lasting health care improvements for Canadians.