Canada’s Premiers Announce 2016 Literacy Award Recipients

Saskatchewan Literacy Network – Saskatchewan
The Saskatchewan Literacy Network (SLN) is one of the longest thriving provincial literacy coalitions in Canada. Since 1989, SLN has introduced numerous initiatives that have contributed to the advancement of literacy specific training, resource development and distribution, special events and project initiation in adult, family, community and workplace literacy. Ever adaptable to change, SLN attributes its continued success to its resilient leadership and the partnerships it has cultivated with government ministries, community organizations, academic institutions, First Nations and Métis organizations, businesses, practitioners and learners. Recognizing the importance of skills development, SLN has advocated for a broader vision of literacy that encompasses social justice, human rights and expression of freedom. Moving these concepts into mainstream is a passion that continues to propel the organization forward.

Audrey Lougheed – Yukon
Audrey Lougheed has devoted a lifetime to supporting adult literacy. In 1983, she became a founding member of the Yukon Literacy Council, which is now the Yukon Learn Society. For over 12 years, she also held various positions on the board of directors. “We have come a long way from where we wanted to be 20 years ago. We are much more professional. It is shown with government, which is financing us to develop the northern workforce,” Lougheed said. Over the past 33 years Lougheed has also provided one-on-one tutoring services in adult literacy and for English Second- Language learners. “I believe everyone has a right to literacy-reading, writing, numeracy, essential skills, or developing their life and work skills. I am honoured to have taken part in this work.”

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