Canada’s Premiers Announce Literacy Award Recipients for 2014


2014 Council of the Federation Literacy Award Recipients

Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association – Alberta
For 32 years, the dedicated staff and volunteers of the Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association have been helping improve the lives of immigrant and refugee women, girls, and their families by providing programming to increase the literacy and job skills of clients. Recent immigrées face many barriers to success, and the Association strives to assist individuals in breaking through such barriers. Working collaboratively with community partners, the Association offers 36 community-based programs and projects that use a holistic approach to service delivery in areas including settlement and integration, literacy and language training, employment support and bridging programs, civic engagement and community development. Clients benefit from customized programming, and participant success rates are as high as 70-80 per cent. The Association exemplifies outstanding achievement, innovative practice, and excellence in literacy.

Anne Docherty – British Columbia
Anne Docherty has designed a people-centered approach to literacy that cultivates active citizenship. Her blending of popular and informal education allows individuals to take control of their lives and participate in the common life of their community. Docherty created a series of reflective tool kits to help literacy and community development practitioners deepen their understanding of the role that literacy plays in fostering social, cultural, economic and political participation. She has influenced how literacy progress is measured within BC. Partnering in research projects, Docherty has created a measurement tool that reflects the citizenship competencies of indigenous and remote-rural people. She teaches and mentors within Storytellers’ and SFU professional school of Community-based Economic Development.

André Tourramitouyaï – Manitoba
André Tourramitouyaï arrived in Winnipeg in 2012 from the Central African Republic (via Cameroon). He had attended elementary school for three years and while he learned to speak and understand French, navigating new systems in a new country was challenging. To help him in his daily life, he enrolled in the French language literacy program, Alphabétisation des adultes en français au Manitoba. Tourramitouyaï is a widower with four children aged 5 to 14. His participation in the literacy program, as well as many other programs offered at Pluri-elle (Manitoba) Inc., have helped increase his confidence and reading and writing skills and he recently passed his written driver’s test. Tourramitouyaï encourages his children to participate in activities, helps other adult learners with their literacy goals and is a source of inspiration for them all.

St. Croix Public Library – New Brunswick
Since its establishment in 1971, the St. Croix Public Library has supported and continues to support adult literacy by enriching the lives of learners in the greater St. Stephen area. It has established partnerships with the St. Stephen Literacy Council (providing space for tutoring and Laubach programs) and supports Charlotte County Adult Learning Inc. in their offering of GED classes. To date, these classes have helped approximately 150 learners further their education and become more self-sufficient. English as a second language classes are also offered at the Library to immigrants and newcomers through the local Multicultural Association. The St. Croix Public Library is a huge advocate of adult literacy and remains committed to providing opportunities for learners wanting to achieve their literacy goals.