Canada’s Premiers Encourage Conservation of Water Resources

Canada’s Premiers Encourage Conservation of Water Resources

March 19, 2012 – As Canada Water Week begins, Premiers encourage individuals, businesses and organizations across Canada to work in partnership to improve stewardship of our valuable water resources.

Canada Water Week, which runs from March 19 to 25, and the United Nations World Water Day on March 22, provide opportunities for Canadians to learn more about how best to use this vital resource.

“Canadians have long been recognized as environmental stewards and our commitment to water conservation and water quality protection is a key priority for provinces and territories,” said British Columbia Premier Christy Clark, Chair of the Council of the Federation. “By working together, we can identify best practices, lessons learned, and ensure our waterways remain healthy for generations.”

Premiers recognize that a sustainable water supply is crucial to our social, environmental and economic well-being, and the creation of the Water Stewardship Council by Premiers in 2011 was an important step in advancing water conservation. During this year’s Canada Water Week, Canadians are encouraged to consider their own “water footprint” and participate in community events that draw attention to local water issues and celebrate the freshwater connection we all share.

A “water footprint” is the amount of freshwater we use directly and indirectly during our daily activities – the water we use for drinking, cooking and washing, as well as the water used by industry to produce food, paper and other materials.

Canada Water Week events and activities are being held in all provinces and territories under the banner of “Celebrating and Conserving Water across Our Country”. Highlighted initiatives from each province and territory can be found in the attached backgrounder.

The Council of the Federation comprises all 13 provincial and territorial Premiers. It enables Premiers to work collaboratively to strengthen the Canadian federation by fostering a constructive relationship among the provinces and territories, and with the federal government.

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