Canada’s Premiers Encourage Conservation of Water Resources

Prince Edward Island − Prince Edward Island is promoting water conservation in a three-part series that will run in local newspapers explaining why it is important to conserve water and offering suggestions for ways to use less in the home.

Québec − Québec has recently updated the Regulation respecting the quality of drinking water. The new standards under the Regulation are in line with, and in some cases go further than, the leading jurisdictions in North America. Québec recently published the 2005-2009 Drinking Water Quality Assessment that indicates the excellent quality of water distributed in Québec during that period. For more information, see

Saskatchewan − Saskatchewan is signing on to a promotional partnership agreement with the United States Environmental Protection Agency for WaterSense®, which will serve to encourage consumers in Saskatchewan to look for specially labeled products that have been independently certified for efficiency and performance.

Yukon − Yukon is supporting several public events, including a film night and a photo contest on how Yukoners use water wisely. Photos received will be displayed March 19-22 for public voting, with the winner announced on March 22 (World Water Day). For more information, see

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