Canada’s Premiers Announce 2017 Literacy Award Recipients

Marilyn Stearns – Saskatchewan
Marilyn Stearns is a passionate Family Literacy leader who has contributed to building and strengthening family literacy development in Saskatchewan and Canada. Through her unwavering efforts at the Saskatchewan Literacy Network, Stearns has made a measurable impact over the past 10-plus years, having travelled thousands of miles to provide family literacy workshops to nearly 900 participants and led many significant projects to support a thriving community of family literacy practice in Saskatchewan. Her work with diverse communities has inspired the creation of specialized family literacy programs including the “Pre-Natal Caring Circle” and “Inspiring Play”, as well as numerous plain language resources. A role model to many, Stearns is a lifelong learner who continues to find innovative ways to mentor new family literacy practitioners and provide support to families, schools, libraries and community organizations.

Peter Morawsky – Yukon
Peter Morawsky is a literacy advocate who believes that everyone should have the ability to fully function in today’s society. In 2003, Morawsky joined the board of the Yukon Public Legal Education Association and contributed to the organization in various leadership roles until 2012. Since 2004, he has served on the Yukon Learn Society’s board of directors in various capacities and has been instrumental in facilitating the overall growth of the organization. Morawsky’s leadership led to a partnership between those organizations for projects such as the Self-Advocacy for Women in the Legal System program. He was also heavily involved in the development of the publication “Splitting Up, the Yukon Law on Separation”. Morawsky’s willingness to assist in the advancement and success of others has made him a true Yukon literacy champion.

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