Canada’s Premiers Announce 2018 Literacy Award Recipients

Édith Loualou – Québec
Unlike her brothers and sisters, Édith Loualou did not get the chance to attend school in her home country. Accompanied by her husband and children, she moved to Québec in 2012, but having received no prior education, she was saddened that she could not help her children. She quickly came to understand the importance of literacy and with determination, she started developing her literacy skills. Édith developed her reading and writing skills impressively fast and she can now understand communications sent home by her children’s school. As she continues to progress, she will be better able to support her children’s education. One of her proudest accomplishments was successfully completing her Canadian citizenship exam, something which would have been impossible for her before she began her studies.

Judy Craig – Saskatchewan
Judy Craig is a Family Literacy Leader who has contributed to building and strengthening family literacy development in Saskatchewan. As a result of focused efforts over her 35-year career at the Regina Public Library, she has played a significant role in moving family and early literacy services forward. Judy has demonstrated dedication and passion in engaging families, educating them on the importance of establishing good family literacy habits and sharing information about available library resources to support family literacy. In addition to her work with children and families, she has spent time providing services to newcomers and adults in need of literacy development. As a lifelong learner, Judy has continued to grow professionally throughout her career attending many literacy development workshops.

Isabelle Salesse – Yukon
Throughout her extensive career in Yukon, Isabelle Salesse’s work has focused on literacy in French in minority language environments, grounded in the concept that we are all lifelong learners. She has supported and contributed in the development of French literacy programs and resources both in Yukon and nationally. For many years, she managed the Association franco-yukonnaise (AFY) training and employment department, later becoming the organization’s Executive Director. She consolidated a one-stop-shop to meet the French-language needs of adults and families in adult education, literacy, and pre-employment preparation. She has also taken on leadership positions with national organizations that promote French literacy outside Québec. Studies initiated by Salesse have led to the creation of tools still used today by Francophone communities.

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