Canada’s Premiers Announce 2020 Literacy Award Recipients

Absa Diop – Québec
Absa Diop is an adult literacy student at the Centre de formation L’Impulsion. Originally from Senegal, Absa arrived in Québec in 2008. Not having had the chance to study in her country and not speaking French, she first studied that language. In 2019, she returned to literacy training. Thanks to her perseverance and determination, she is making progress in reading, which allows her to be more independent and to better support her children in their education. Absa is also pursuing studies in order to realize her dream of opening a restaurant that will allow people to discover the tastes and flavours of Africa.

Renae Lech – Saskatchewan
Renae Lech is a literacy volunteer who began volunteering for the Great Plains College English as a Second Language program in Gravelbourg in 2015. Since she began volunteering attendance has improved due to her sincere interest in the lives of newcomers and their families. In addition to her clear ability to support and advance learning, her work outside the classroom is equally impressive. Renae’s belief in fostering English-language skills and deepening relationships between community members have led her to organize social events for newcomers and their families in order to practice English on a more social basis, connect newcomers and their families to the community through the completion of volunteer work, and support newcomers in completing job applications or forms.

Liard First Nation Language Department – Yukon
The Liard First Nation Language Department has worked for decades to promote, preserve, revitalize and maintain the Kaska language. The departments’ collaborations with researchers and academic institutions have contributed to the study and understanding of the Kaska language and Dene languages more broadly. The department has produced materials to preserve the Kaska language and support present-day learners and researchers. They are now digitizing their extensive language resources to make them widely accessible. Elder Leda Jules, the late Richard Charlie, Jocelyn Wolftail, Martina Volfova, Paul Caesar, Emeral Poppe, Josephine Caesar and many others have contributed to this work. The Kaska language is inseparable from its people, culture, traditional knowledge, land and heritage. The Liard First Nation Language Department will continue its work to protect it for generations to come.

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