Canada’s Premiers Announce 2022 Literacy Award Recipients

Jeela Palluq-Cloutier – Nunavut
Jeela Palluq-Cloutier is a teacher, author, role model and mentor with a lifelong passion for language, teaching and ensuring the highest standards for Inuktut, the Inuit language spoken throughout Canadian Arctic communities. Jeela has taught Inuktut to individuals of all ages. She is a celebrated author with four books under her name. As a mature student, Jeela returned to school to complete a master’s degree focussed on the history of writing systems and the views of Nunavut educators on the standardization of Inuktut. She supports digital Inuktut resources to close the communication divide that many unilingual Nunavummiut experience. Jeela has contributed to Inuit online engagement by translating over 11,000 Inuktitut words to social media. Jeela’s incredible contributions to Inuktut languages improve the quality of life throughout Nunavut communities and beyond.

 Ontario’s e-Channel Team – Ontario
For over 15 years Ontario’s e-Channel team has been developing and delivering Literacy and Basic Skills services for people in Ontario who rely on distance learning. e-Channel specializes in supporting Indigenous, deaf, and francophone clients and has helped thousands of learners gain the literacy skills needed to achieve their education and career goals. During the COVID-19 pandemic, e-Channel was able to support in-person literacy providers by sharing their resources and expertise, so they could quickly and successfully pivot to online service delivery for their own clients. The e-Channel team consists of a network of six not-for-profit organizations dedicated to the advancement of literacy skills. 

Sally Hitchcock – Prince Edward Island
Lifelong learner and educator Sally Hitchcock has taught the GED Preparation Program at Holland College for 23 years and has helped hundreds of students obtain their GED certificates. Sally possesses the devotion and patience required to work with her students who may experience challenges in their numeracy or literacy skills. Sally takes on initiatives that directly impact her students and the greater college community. This is evident in her empathic teaching style and in her ongoing commitment to professional growth. In 2021, Sally was recognized by Holland College with the Teaching Excellence Award which honours a faculty member who has exhibited consistent excellence in teaching and has had a significant impact on the personal and academic growth of students.

KidsFirst NORTH – Saskatchewan
KidsFirst NORTH (KFN) is a non-profit, community-based organization that encourages families to be the best they can be. KFN was a key player in the establishment and oversight of the first Northern Family Literacy Hub, which provides families with access to culturally appropriate early literacy activities and programming. At the height of the pandemic, KFN provided almost 700 families with story sacks connected to the Indigenous Seven Sacred Teachings of love, respect, courage, honesty, wisdom, humility and truth. Literacy carnivals were held in 11 communities and included activities such as rhyming, Elder storytelling, book readings, using technology, and puppet theatre performances. KFN, under the leadership of Tina Roberts, uses family literacy programming to strengthen families and support children in Saskatchewan’s north.

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