Council of the Federation Announces Literacy Award Winners for 2009

Karon Campbell Connors – New Brunswick
Since 2005, Karon Campbell Connors has been an adult literacy teacher at Moncton Headstart’s community-based adult literacy program where most learners are single parents working toward General Educational Development (GED) Certificates. Karon’s gift of building relationships has made her a magnet for learners wanting to increase their academic credentials. She says that the greatest difference she can make for learners is to instil in them a belief in their own success. She leads a learner-centred program, and assists learners in accessing the social services they need in order to be successful learners. This past year, Karon has been part of a provincial academic curriculum committee set up to standardize program intake and exit assessment tools, curricula and resources. She has also served as a mentor to a new adult literacy teacher. Karon finds the work she does to help others a source of great satisfaction.

Claudia Dubé – New Brunswick
Claudia Dubé deserves our gratitude for her commitment and her exceptional dedication to the cause of adult literacy. She started as a remedial instructor for the Community College Network and then became involved in literacy. For several years, she pursued her training while still working. In 1999, she obtained her certificate in Adult Literacy and in 2008, qualified for teaching Essential Skills for the Labour Market. In 2006 she received an Award for Excellence from Bernard Lord, then Premier of New Brunswick, for her exceptional commitment. Beyond these honours, Claudia Dubé is only interested in seeing her learners succeed.

Marc Glassman – Newfoundland and Labrador
For the past 32 years, Dr. Marc Glassman’s knowledge, passion and commitment to the literacy movement in Newfoundland and Labrador has been far-reaching and significant. Dr. Glassman is a member of the Faculty of Education at Memorial University and instructs in the area of literacy education. He has undertaken a number of special initiatives in the community that have helped a diverse group of children, parents, and low-literacy adults overcome the barriers to language and literacy development. He has inspired and challenged his undergraduate and graduate students, and he has provided professional support to teachers in the K-12 classroom and to instructors and volunteers in adult literacy programs throughout the province. He has been a pioneer in the area of applying technology to the development of literacy in Newfoundland and Labrador and continues to be innovative and creative in advocating for literacy.

Annie Whane – Northwest Territories
Annie Whane displays a high degree of integrity, creativity and ambition as a student with the Literacy Outreach Centre in Yellowknife. Annie has taken on the role of an aspiring author by regularly writing poems, short stories and song lyrics. Annie takes inspiration from her own life as a young adult and shares her journey in humorous and touching ways with her peers. She is cheerful, friendly, vibrant and helpful towards her classmates, enhancing the milieu of the classroom. Annie is involved with community support agencies where she assists others in the community who are experiencing similar hurdles. She never fails to offer encouragement and support to those around her both in the classroom and in the community.