Economic Productivity and Innovation Working Group (2015-2018)

Innovation, productivity and competitiveness are fundamental building blocks of a strong, diversified economy that promotes growth and creates good jobs for Canadians. Premiers understand the importance of innovation and the role provincial and territorial governments play in fostering a culture of innovation and commercialization that supports thriving businesses and breakthrough research and development, inspires young people to create new ideas and encourages broad collaboration.

From 2015-2018, Premiers led the Economic Productivity and Innovation Working Group (EPIWG), a working group of provincial and territorial ministers established to identify opportunities to enhance productivity and innovation within the Canadian economy. Through the EPIWG, Premiers took stock of existing provincial and territorial approaches to identify areas of action to help close the gap between innovation and commercialization and in turn support economic growth and job creation.

EPIWG’s work not only brought focus to economic productivity and innovation, it also motivated the federal government to take a more active role in supporting improvement in the area of innovation.



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