North American Leaders: Governors, Premiers Integral to Economic Prosperity

North American Leaders: Governors, Premiers Integral to Economic Prosperity

July 14, 2017
NGA Contact: Elena Waskey, [email protected], 202-624-7787
COF Contact: Lindsay de Leeuw, [email protected], 613-563-4066
CONAGO Contact: Ana Paula Ambrosi, [email protected], 214-551-7583


PROVIDENCE, Rhode Island – The National Governors Association (NGA), Council of the Federation of Canada (COF) and Conferencia Nacional de Gobernadores (CONAGO) of Mexico release the following joint statement as part of 2017 NGA Summer Meeting:

“As critical stewards of economic success in our countries, Governors and Premiers promote economic development through international trade and investment. While we respect that our federal governments are primarily responsible for the development of international trade policy, our discussions over the past two days reflect a commitment to promote and advance cooperation amongst state, provincial and territorial leaders of North America.

Conversations between representatives from the United States, Mexico and Canada have centered around areas of importance to our interconnected economies, including manufacturing, agriculture and workforce development.

NGA, COF and CONAGO agree that sub-national leadership is important to promote and advance international cooperation, and state and provincial leaders across the world must come together to generate new opportunities for jobs, trade and investment.

With this in mind, our organizations plan to meet within the next year, where leaders from United States, Mexico and Canada will gather to share best practices, discuss job creation, investment and international trade policy and explore ways to increase economic competitiveness in the Americas.”


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The National Conference of Governors (CONAGO) of Mexico, founded in 2002, is a permanent forum for the promotion of constructive dialogue, consultation and exchange between the 31 Governors of the States, and the Mayor of Mexico City with other actors, in order to strengthen institutional opportunities, and privilege agreements that affect the development and welfare of all Mexicans. For more information, visit