Premiers Highlight Key Justice and Social Issues

Premiers call on the federal government to continue to collaborate with provinces and territories on this important work and engage actively in discussions about establishing a National Pharmacare Plan to ensure Canadians have access to the medications that keep them healthy.

Health Procurement
Premiers discussed the shared challenges associated with rising costs and demands in health service delivery, noting the ongoing need to drive innovation and focus on front-line care. Building on the success of the pan-Canadian Pharmaceutical Alliance, Premiers committed to explore further collaboration in procurement of basic and specialized medical equipment.

Nutrition North Canada
Premiers recognize the need to reduce the high cost of food and ensure availability in isolated northern communities. These costs are high because of remote geography, shipping costs, transportation infrastructure deficits and other issues including a lack of options related to agricultural development. High food costs place a burden on already vulnerable populations struggling with food insecurity and health issues. On an urgent basis, Premiers call on the federal government to increase the accountability and transparency of the federal Nutrition North Canada program so that the subsidy directly reduces the cost of food for residents of isolated communities.

Refugee Claimants
Premiers discussed the importance of immigration and successful settlement of all newcomers, including refugees, and addressing the needs of asylum seekers with dignity, respect and security. Premiers call on the federal government to address the growing wait times for asylum claims to be processed, and to work with jurisdictions experiencing an influx of refugee claimants on a comprehensive, long-term plan which would include additional legal aid funding from the federal government.

National Inquiry on Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls
Premiers have long called for a National Inquiry on Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls. They continue to support Indigenous communities in their emphasis on the need to move forward with a family-centered approach that respects and honours those who have experienced loss of loved ones. Premiers also stressed the importance of the Inquiry meeting and engaging with Indigenous peoples in all jurisdictions.

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