Premiers Release Strategy on the Global Economy; Plan trade mission to Asia

Premiers Release Strategy on the Global Economy; Plan trade mission to Asia

VANCOUVER, July 22, 2011 — Premiers today released a strategy entitled Canada in the Global Economy. They also announced that, within 12 months, Premiers will pursue a joint Council of the Federation mission to Asia with the federal government to advance an ambitious international trade agenda for Canada.

As committed international actors with increasingly sophisticated global connections and capabilities, provinces and territories are an integral part of any international strategy for Canada, particularly given their responsibility for many of the matters addressed in modern trade agreements. The four-point strategy released today by Premiers outlines specific actions to harness the common and individual strengths of provinces and territories and help position Canada strongly in the global economy:

  1. Ensure a robust and forward-thinking Canadian trade and investment agenda is in place with appropriate attention to markets including the United States, the European Union (EU), Asia, as well as other emerging markets.
  2. Maintain and expand Canada’s physical infrastructure and gateway policy to accommodate and encourage the flow of people, services and goods.
  3. Facilitate the movement of people – including tourists, immigrants, international students, and business people – and capitalize on the opportunities available to Canada through globally connected Canadians and the linkages they can create between Canada and the world.
  4. Build and deepen productive relationships with Canada’s trading partners by becoming better educated about international cultures, economies and global connections – and better educate the international community about Canada.

At their meeting, Premiers emphasized the need to intensify efforts in Asia by better promoting Canada and the provinces and territories and realizing economic opportunities for all of Canada.

Premiers agreed that we must better leverage our gateways and land-based borders, plentiful natural resources, value-added manufactured goods, and our broad services sector, to strengthen our relationships with Asia. Canadians’ immense personal, cultural and business connections, throughout Asia, coupled with Canada’s diversity are also a unique advantage.

Timely development of strategic infrastructure and policies necessary to facilitate trade are crucial if Canada is to compete successfully in Asian markets. Premiers agreed to support and encourage the development and expansion of infrastructure, ports, gateway, and transportation initiatives focusing on our competitive advantages.