Premiers to Strengthen Canada-US Relations

Premiers To Strengthen Canada-US Relations

REGINA, August 7, 2009 – Millions of jobs in Canada and the United States are linked to the integrated economies and supply chains that currently exist. Premiers strongly support the work of Prime Minister Stephen Harper and International Trade Minister Stockwell Day on Buy American provisions. Premiers will work alongside the federal government to rapidly reach an agreement with the US administration that would exclude Canada from the negative effects of these provisions and address the concerns of Canadian businesses. Premiers are also fully committed to participating with the federal government in further negotiations toward a broad, reciprocal procurement liberalization agreement with the US.

Premiers will continue their advocacy efforts with the US Administration, Congress, Governors and US business and labour leaders, on a bilateral, regional and nation- wide basis in order to impress upon them that:

  • Canadian energy exports can help meet American energy security and environmental objectives;
  • hydroelectricity is a renewable energy source and should be recognized as such in the American Clean Energy and Security Act presently before Congress.

The Council of the Federation will conduct a mission to Washington, DC, during the winter National Governors Association Meeting to promote the advantages of the Canada-US trade and energy relationship.

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Office of the Saskatchewan Premier
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