Premiers Wrap Up Successful Mission to Washington D.C.

Premiers Wrap Up Successful Mission to Washington D.C.

WASHINGTON D.C., February 20, 2010 – Canadian Premiers met today with state Governors in a special session during the 2010 National Governors Association Winter Meeting.

Premiers took part in this first-ever meeting of the Council of the Federation and the National Governors Association. Premiers and Governors discussed trade and border issues, as well as energy and environment issues.

“The United States has committed to doubling exports within five years. We also want to expand our trade with the United States,” said Premier Wall, Chair of the Council of the Federation. “Free and fair trade is the best strategy we can pursue together to create jobs, grow our economies and lead the world in innovation.”

Meetings were also held with representatives of leading think tanks, including the Center for American Progress, the Institute for 21st Century Energy, the Hudson Institute and the Pew Center on Global Climate Change. Premiers discussed the critical importance of enhanced border efficiency for both countries’ international competitiveness, as well as ways to foster Canada-U.S. collaboration on coordinated approaches to energy security and climate change.

The final meeting of the COF mission to Washington will be with Tom Vilsack, the US Secretary of Agriculture, on Sunday, February 21. Discussions are expected to focus on the importance of improving the global competitiveness of Canadian and U.S. agriculture exports as a means to maintain and increase jobs in the agriculture sector.

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