November 2-6, 2008 – Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing

Premiers led a delegation of more than one hundred business, research and educational institution representatives who met with Chinese counterparts to discuss and initiate new projects between China and Canada. The mission included stops in Beijing, Shanghai and Chongqing. It was organized jointly with the Canada China Business Council.


Premier Dalton McGuinty, Ontario
Former Premier Pierre Marc Johnson, personal representative of Premier Jean Charest, Québec
Premier Shawn Graham, New Brunswick
Premier Gary Doer, Manitoba
Premier Robert Ghiz, Prince Edward Island

A delegation of 100 business, research and educational institution representatives also participated.

Working together to expand trade and further develop international relations is an important priority of Canada’s Premiers. Given that provinces and territories are an integral part of Canada’s presence, activities and public image on the global stage, Premiers advance Canada’s trade and global interests through their international activities, including through Council of the Federation missions abroad.