Premiers Appoint Working Group on Fiscal Arrangements

Premiers Appoint Working Group on Fiscal Arrangements

VICTORIA, January 17, 2012 — Mindful of both the uncertainty in the global economy and the economic value of Canada’s health systems, Canada’s Premiers committed to working together on fiscal arrangements to find solutions that will work for the benefit of all Canadians – in all provinces and territories.

Recognizing that the Canada Health Transfer will move to an equal per capita cash transfer, Premiers emphasized that the outcome must be consistent with the constitutional principle that every province and territory must be able to provide its citizens with reasonably comparable levels of public services at reasonably comparable levels of taxation.

Premiers are working together because they are all committed to the basic principle that no jurisdiction should be worse off. Canada’s fiscal arrangements should be a win-win for all Canadians regardless of where they live.

Premier Greg Selinger will lead a working group composed of provincial and territorial Finance ministers who, as a first step, will assess the fiscal impact of the current federal fiscal proposals.

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