Premiers Focused on Actions to Support Economic Growth and Opportunities

Premiers discussed the economic and emission-reduction opportunities offered by cleaner energy and technologies. They noted the value of collaboration on the production, transmission, shipment and use of cleaner fuels and lower-carbon electricity. Provinces’ and territories’ lower-emission energy exports also have a potential role in international and global emissions reduction targets. Premiers repeated their call on the federal government to support the adoption of international emission-reduction trading systems through Article 6.

Provinces and territories are facing increasing costs of adapting to our changing climate. Climate adaptation demands collaborative action among governments. Premiers called on the federal government to:

  • engage in partnership with provinces and territories on their climate adaptation priorities;
  • develop timely, long-term federal funding to support provincial and territorial adaptation priorities and strategies;
  • engage in continued intergovernmental dialogue on climate adaptation through the Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment; and
  • collaborate on changes to Disaster Financial Assistance Arrangements to ensure provinces and territories have timely, flexible, and adequate support, and that risks and costs are not shifted to provinces, territories, and municipalities.

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