Premiers hold health summit

Premiers hold health summit

HALIFAX, November 6, 2023 – Health care continues to be a top priority for Premiers, and they explored the role innovation can play in improving their health care systems during a Health Summit1 in Halifax. The health care challenges provinces and territories face range from access to primary care in rural, remote, and northern areas and for underserved populations, to the growing demand for health care workers across the country to fill vacancies and to help expand services.

Premiers shared how innovation in health service delivery can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of provincial and territorial health systems across the continuum of care, and enhance access to the health care services Canadians rely on every day.

Hosted at Nova Scotia’s Health Innovation Hub, Premiers discussed advancements in health care and shared the latest improvements within their jurisdictions. Through this focused Health Summit, Premiers centered on their commitment to address immediate and ongoing challenges through system transformation to better meet the health care needs of Canadians.

Recognizing that our health care workers are the backbone of providing quality, people-centered care, Premiers shared new approaches to managing health human resources and expanding medical education, recruitment, and retention. This complements efforts to streamline system operations and increase the use of advanced procedures to improve wait times and optimize patient outcomes. A thriving health sector attracts top professionals to Canada and improves international competitiveness while also retaining our world-class talent.

By fostering a culture of innovation, provinces and territories are empowering our health care providers to meet the ever-changing needs of residents. Governments, educational institutions and health care institutions are working together to develop solutions to health care challenges that will meet the demands of the future. Each province and territory brings a unique lens to health care innovation and all Canadians benefit from new approaches underway and being explored across the country.

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1 The Northwest Territories was unable to participate due to the Territorial election. Nunavut Premier P.J. Akeeagok was unable to participate due to obligations in the Legislative Assembly.