Premiers United, Call for Federal Partnership and Action

3. Healthcare and Infrastructure

The federation works best when provinces and territories have the autonomy and resources to pursue their economic and social objectives. Respecting provincial/territorial jurisdiction, Premiers reiterated their call for the federal government to increase funding by an annual escalator of 5.2% to the Canada Health Transfer consistent with independent analysis by the Conference Board of Canada of budget pressures. Premiers also discussed national pharmacare and emphasized that any program must be developed in partnership with provinces and territories.

Federal infrastructure funding should be flexible, respect provincial-territorial priorities, and the federal approval process must be accelerated.

Federal transfers should include opportunities to opt out with full financial compensation. Further, the federal government must respect provincial/territorial jurisdiction and authority.

4. Northern Priorities

Tangible and significant nation-building activities are needed in the three territories. This includes robust investment in infrastructure that will improve the lives of northerners, and greater support for climate action that fights, mitigates and adapts to rapidly changing environments in the North.

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