Canada’s Premiers Announce 2017 Literacy Award Recipients

Howard Lane – New Brunswick
Howard Lane’s educational philosophy, authentic application and practical approach evokes his compassion and advocacy for adults who may occasionally be marginalized from mainstream society due to physical, social, or emotional issues. Lane is a true hero to many learners in the Miramichi Region. He launched the Cooking to Learn Program as well as other initiatives, including the national award-winning program Achieve. Lane’s dedication, love for what he does, and love for who he teaches is exemplary in his usual quiet way. When you mention his learners to him, you know Lane is their friend and ally and will do whatever he can to allow the learner to discover themselves from within.

Rosalie Simon – Newfoundland and Labrador
Since returning to school, Rosalie Simon has successfully demonstrated that anything is possible with dedication and hard work. Growing up, Simon faced many obstacles due to her lack of education. She decided she wanted to improve her life and first sought assistance from the Vera Perlin Society. She later began Adult Basic Education, completing Level I at Stella’s Circle and moving on to Levels II and III at the Discovery Centre. During her time in the program, Simon’s instructors noted that she made incredible progress, translating into academic success, increased self-confidence and a willingness to help others. She is considered a role model by many of her peers. Simon received her high school equivalency diploma in May 2017 and is considering post- secondary education in the future.

Scott Atigikyoak – Northwest Territories
Scott Atigikyoak is a man of Inuit descent from the small community of Norman Wells, Northwest Territories. Atigikyoak entered college in September 2016 and worked extremely hard to develop the necessary academic skills to be successful. Today, he has become a role model for fellow students. He has demonstrated an outstanding work ethic through completing every assignment on time, having excellent attendance, spending hours in the library, and working with tutors on extra assignments. He is known for inspiring his fellow students and helping them excel. Atigikyoak has been accepted into the Environment and Natural Resource Technology Program at Aurora College for the next academic year and plans to pursue a career in the environmental field in the Northwest Territories.

Jocelyne Boutilier – Nova Scotia
Jocelyne Boutilier’s childhood was exceptionally challenging, as she struggled to balance her role as ad hoc parent to five siblings as well as trying to raise two young children of her own. Although the pressures of family life led her to leave school, she challenged herself to read and write to the best of her ability and eventually enrolled at Bridgewater Adult High School where she completed the Nova Scotia High School Graduation Diploma for Adults. Her efforts have led to life-changing opportunities and much success as a student. Boutilier is the proud recipient of the Governor General’s Award and is grateful for the bursary received from the South Shore Regional School Board as well as an entrance scholarship from Dalhousie University. She has been accepted into the Bachelor of Nursing Program at Dalhousie University and continues to set new goals for herself, hoping to eventually pay her good fortune forward by working as a psychiatric nurse.

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