Canada’s Premiers Announce 2023 Literacy Award Recipients


2023 Council of the Federation Literacy Award Recipients

Society of Brooks Community Adult Learning Council – Alberta
The Society of Brooks Community Adult Learning Council (SBCALC) has provided adult literacy programs in its community for over 40 years. SBCALC offers language training and employment training that assists adult learners including newcomers to acquire English Language Learning skills, marketable labour skills and knowledge to facilitate their participation in the community. SBCALC also offers many other programs that have improved the literacy, foundational learning and essential skills of adult learners. SBCALC has constantly promoted and raised awareness about literacy and foundational learning needs in its community. SBCALC is committed to reducing barriers so that learners can access programs and services. SBCALC partners with other community organizations in order to provide the best service to learners in its community. SBCALC has demonstrated itself to be a community leader that promotes inclusivity in society for adult literacy learners in Brooks.

Greater Victoria Alliance for Literacy – British Columbia
Greater Victoria Alliance for Literacy (GVAL) is the catalyst that brought the literacy community together in the Capital region. GVAL supports local literacy organizations through public outreach and promotion of literacy services, provides networking opportunities, literacy forums and professional development workshops, and represents the literacy community on various advisory committees. GVAL also mentors and provides student placements for University of Victoria students learning about community agencies, has created the Literacy Hubs guide that lists free tutoring and programming spaces in the region, and supports alliance members to procure volunteers and have access to additional professional development workshops through its membership with Volunteer Victoria. As a result of GVAL’s leadership and responsiveness, local literacy agencies have a champion, region-wide support, and representation for their important initiatives.

Hamdi Warsame – Manitoba
Hamdi Warsame is from Somalia. Growing up, she was denied a formal education. In 1993, she immigrated to Canada, setting aside her dream to learn to read and write to raise her family of seven. In 2021, tragedy struck when she lost her husband to COVID-19. Alone, she moved her family to Winnipeg to join her daughter, a student at the University of Manitoba. In March 2022, Hamdi finally pursued her dream and enrolled at LiteracyWORKS Inc. She has worked diligently on improving her literacy and numeracy skills, and says, “Achieving one new word at school is better than staying at home and learning nothing. I feel more confident and have big dreams for my future such as graduating from high school. I want to get a job.”

ABC Life Literacy – Newfoundland and Labrador
ABC Life Literacy Canada has been a steadfast presence in Newfoundland and Labrador, fostering strong connections with community literacy and learning organizations. As a national charitable organization, ABC Life Literacy has shown its dedication to advancing literacy by empowering adult learners, increasing awareness, and providing support to the adult learning sector. Through the Activate Learning program, ABC Life Literacy has helped foster a culture of lifelong learning and reduce stigma. By offering workshops, learning resources, and custom workbooks, ABC Life Literacy has made significant strides in supporting diverse learner groups, families, and community organizations across the province. With impressive reach and impact, ABC Life Literacy’s Activate Learning program served 24,216 learners in Newfoundland and Labrador from November 2019 to April 2023 through 680 workshops, home learning activities, and workbook downloads. ABC Life Literacy has consistently received excellent feedback from participants seeking to improve their soft skills, financial literacy, and health awareness.

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