Premiers Committed to Action to Support Strong Communities

Premiers Committed to Action to Support Strong Communities

WINNIPEG, July 11, 2023 – Canada’s Premiers began their annual summer meeting by expressing their support for communities across the country coping with the effects of wildfires and praising the dedication of emergency responders in these challenging times.

At their meeting today, Premiers focused on provincial and territorial actions to support the top priorities of Canadians, including affordability and improving health care.

All Canadians deserve access to affordable housing and other necessities, timely health services, safe and resilient communities, and good jobs. In the face of major social, economic, environmental and security challenges, Premiers are committed to collaborative work and action on the issues that matter most in our communities.

Canadians are feeling the effects of inflation and high interest rates. Provinces and territories are taking steps to support their residents amid major affordability challenges. Other key priorities discussed today by Premiers include:

  • Improving health care;
  • Building a strong labour force;
  • Enhancing public safety;
  • Ensuring Arctic security and sovereignty; and
  • Addressing housing needs.

Premiers are undertaking actions in these areas, both collectively and within their respective jurisdictions. This includes a focused commitment to immediate and ongoing work to address labour shortages, particularly health human resources.

The meeting of Canada’s Premiers is taking place in the Council of the Federation’s 20th anniversary year. The Council was founded in 2003 to improve the quality of life of Canadians through:

  • Strengthening interprovincial-territorial cooperation, forging closer ties among the members and contributing to the evolution of the Canadian federation;
  • Exercising leadership on issues of importance to Canadians and in improving federal-provincial-territorial relations; and
  • Promoting relations between governments that are based on respect for the Constitution and recognition of the diversity within the federation.

Premiers remain united in their commitment to these objectives, and to building on effective intergovernmental cooperation in recent years. This has included collaborative work to grow the economy through reduced trade barriers, billions saved on prescription drug costs, and advocacy to the federal government on increased health funding and public safety measures.

Canada’s Premiers are taking action to address affordability challenges, improve health care, and position Canada for prosperity into the future.

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