Premiers Committed to Action to Support Strong Communities

Ensuring Arctic Security and Sovereignty

Premiers discussed the need to strengthen national security and Arctic sovereignty in the context of geopolitical instability and recent security related incidents in Canada’s North. This requires enhanced military presence in the North including investment in dual-use infrastructure that meets security needs while supporting communities, promoting social and economic growth, as well as increasing integration of the North with the rest of Canada.

Investments in reliable transportation, telecommunications, and energy will not only keep Canada safe and secure, but also create healthy, vibrant Northern communities that will enhance our country’s sovereignty in the Arctic, an area that is increasingly attracting global interest for its natural resources and strategic geography. Premiers underscored the importance of provincial and territorial engagement on necessary investments to ensure that the voices and knowledge of those Canadians that make the North their home are part of the decision-making process. Premiers stand united for a strong and secure Arctic, and efforts that ensure the economic prosperity and well-being of the communities and the people that live there.

Addressing Housing Needs

Premiers discussed the real and growing housing affordability and supply challenges experienced across the country. Meeting labour market needs, welcoming newcomers to Canada, helping seniors stay in their homes longer, addressing rising homelessness and improving housing for Indigenous communities require a quality and affordable supply of housing.

Provinces and territories are making significant investments in housing, as well as policy and regulatory changes to support expansion of the housing supply. Premiers call on the federal government to collaborate closely with provinces and territories and take action to:

  • Increase its financial commitment to housing, including support services, operational funding, capital funding, and incentives to promote creation of new supply;
  • Ensure funding flows through provinces and territories rather than municipalities;
  • Ensure programs are flexible, sufficiently funded, and meet the unique needs, priorities of provinces and territories;
  • Streamline approval processes and program management through the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation; and
  • Amend tax policies to incentivize development of new housing, especially the development and retention of purpose-built rental properties.

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