Premiers Welcome Beginning of First Ministers’ Discussions on Health Care Funding

Premiers Welcome Beginning of First Ministers’ Discussions on Health Care Funding

OTTAWA, January 30, 2023 – Canada’s Premiers look forward to meeting with the Prime Minister on February 7 to open discussions on a renewed health care funding partnership. As a federal proposal has not yet been received by Premiers, this meeting will mark the beginning of the direct First Ministers’ dialogue and follow-up required to achieve the significant investment and outcomes expected by all Canadians on this fundamental priority.

Provinces and territories are making substantial investments and taking action to innovate and improve health care systems based on the unique needs and circumstances of their respective jurisdictions and residents. They expect the federal government to play a critical role in supporting real and lasting health care improvements for Canadians by increasing the federal share of funding through the Canada Health Transfer from 22% to 35% and by maintaining this level over time.

“Premiers have been calling for a meeting with the Prime Minister for over two years, so this is a positive first step,” said Manitoba Premier Heather Stefanson, Chair of the Council of the Federation. “It’s what Canadians expect of all of us as leaders. The sustainability of our health care systems requires a strong and predictable federal funding partnership now and over the long-term future. Premiers look forward to seeing initial, substantive federal proposals as soon as possible, and to ongoing constructive discussions with the Prime Minister,” she added.

Provinces and territories are responsible and accountable for the delivery of health care to their residents. Premiers remain committed to collaboration as they continue to address challenges faced by their health systems.

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