Canada’s Premiers Announce 2018 Literacy Award Recipients

Suna Dau Yath – Newfoundland and Labrador
Suna Dau Yath has successfully overcome numerous literacy barriers. Born in Sudan, she began her education in Arabic, using an oil lamp and sometimes a streetlight to see her schoolwork. Upon arrival in Canada, she enrolled in English as a Second Language (ESL) training, improving her English by going to the library and reading books to her children. Upon completing ESL training, she successfully completed Adult Basic Education courses and graduated from high school. Suna is a positive role model to her family and a community leader in both Newfoundland and Labrador and Africa. She is an active member of her local community center, a volunteer at her children’s school and an advocate for her fellow Sudanese immigrants. Suna plans to continue her education and pursue post-secondary education.

Chantal Pelletier – New Brunswick
Chantal Pelletier quit school at age 15, not because she was disinterested in learning, but because she was bullied. She began working that same year but without a high school diploma she did not have many opportunities for advancement. She therefore decided to follow her dreams and go back to school, graduate, and go to college. Chantal is currently in an adult class in Saint-Basile, NB. She is working very hard and has managed to finish four grades in eight months. Returning to school has helped with her self-esteem, and she encourages and helps others in class. Now that she is on a new path, there is no doubt that Chantal will go very far in life.

Tyler Kerr – New Brunswick
During his school years, Tyler Kerr struggled with spelling, reading and writing, and lacked the motivation to graduate. He quit school with a grade nine education. Last year, Tyler decided to improve his situation and set himself up for success; he started classes in Saint John with the goal of achieving a General Educational Development (GED) Diploma. He worked hard and spent his spare time studying to finish as quickly as possible. In 2018, Tyler passed the GED and received his diploma. Since then, he has volunteered his time to help other students prepare for the GED tests, always encouraging them to work hard. In the future, Tyler plans to attend New Brunswick Community College so that he can gain meaningful employment and make a positive contribution to society.

Diane Brule – Northwest Territories
Diane Brule is a mature student from Yellowknife, who, after years away, returned to school for adult literacy classes to upgrade her education by enrolling in English, mathematics and science. Despite personal obstacles, she persisted in her studies and won top awards in English, science, work experience and attendance. Diane distinguished herself by putting in extra time researching topics of interest and worked hard to enrich her vocabulary and improve her understanding of science concepts. Diane is an inspiration and support to classmates and has shown much improvement in her capacity to express her thoughts and ideas. She is interested in Indigenous literature and history, enjoys reading to her granddaughter, and is considering a career in social work.

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