Internal Trade

Internal trade is pivotal to the growth of businesses in every province and territory, in particular for small and medium sized enterprises. Interprovincial trade of goods and services has been steadily rising over the years and represented more than $406 billion in 2017. Constant and significant progress has been made in the past years to liberalize trade in Canada, resulting in more access to markets from coast to coast to coast, enhanced labour mobility for workers and less red tape for businesses.

Premiers are committed to continuing to work cooperatively to ensure the success of the Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA) and reducing trade irritants.

Over the coming year, provinces and territories will prioritize work to:

  • Identify and address outstanding impediments to labour mobility;
  • Align regulatory approaches in a number of priority areas;
  • Advance further liberalization of trade in alcoholic beverages;
  • Review Party-specific exceptions in the CFTA; and,
  • Cooperate on aligning future regulations in emerging areas.



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